>caught this article in today’s Denver Post on internet curators who select interesting [consumed knowledge]-of-the-day for taste-minded internet visitors. there’s plenty of featured categories, from music and poetry to art and films, hand-selected by curators/editors who give their authoritative electronically-published stamp of approval. it’s the most general definition of dailycandy:

The Internet brings news about music, films, books and other art forms 24/7. But there’s so much information out there it’s impossible to sort through and separate the wheat from the Milli Vanillis. Now Internet arts curators are trying to help.

“People are barraged with so many things constantly, and they’re looking for something great everyday,” said Scott Blum. “Because there’s so much they’re trying to weed through, curation is becoming very, very important.”

That, he believes, explains the growth of “… of the day” arts sites, which select a single song, movie, poem, film, book, photograph, etc., to highlight each weekday. They are like the popular Page-a-Day desk calendars.

But because they occupy virtual rather physical space and are free, it’s not uncommon for Internet users to consult several each day. And they can feature music and video samples. Many but not all notify their fans via daily e-mail alerts.

what’s brought up in this article is not wholy surprising, but it describes a phenomenon that really connects strongly to urbanhermes. it would be interesting to see if people could find affinity to others within a proximate location who also subscribe to the same poem-of-the-day site, or trust the same network of internet curators. in an infospace teeming with ridiculous amounts of information, it’s useful to have some central distributors (hubs, portals, authorities) of knowledge that can unite like-minded consumers of taste.

it’s truly fitting that i got notified of this article through my own subscription to a music-news-of-the-day via the dailychord of south by southwest.

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