>despite all suspicions, i’m still poking about in cambridge. writing, writing, writing. i’m reveling in my last moments at the media lab, while still looking forward to all the exciting things to come.

dear readers, if you have any or at all potential opportunities for me as a writer, designer, or producer pertaining to things along the lines of fashion, lifestyle, art, or technology, please don’t hesitate to drop a line. i think the amateur gourmet (“HIRE ME!”) says it best. you know, i wouldn’t necessarily mind finding a job that involved intense moments of creative gastronomic pleasures, either… ;)

wicked wet weekend, from the downright chilly downpour on friday to yesterday’s chill(y) session. saturday was the sandwiched climate highlight, the glossy egg between slices of boston brown bread. with the perfect balance of sunshine and breeze, i’ve deemed it the most glorious day of the whole year. i spent lots of time making errand treks, making pepparkakor dough, and spending a fantastic girl-date in davis square. (yep, watched devil wears prada a second time. of course, i still cried every other scene.) friday night i went with a roomie and friend to the st. anthony’s feast in north end. to sum up, there was a lot of music, dancing, food, and food, and food, and… well, yeah.

some highlights…

st anthony's feast @ north end
saints, dollah bills, and bright, bright lights.

st anthony's feast @ north end
too-hip-for-its-own-good, but tasty enough, gelateria (note the superfluous color-changing LED wall…) the limoncello was unpalatably sweet, but thumbs up to the creamy green kiwi and pistachio flavours.

st anthony's feast @ north end
all hail konditor meister! it was a mind-blowing array of gorgeous pastries, from flourless chocolate mini-cakes to hazelnut toffee meringue tarts, for $1 each. $1. each. i had a tiny nibble of both christie’s and lauren’s treats, but man, this was the biggest steal of eternity.

speaking of cakes and such, i’m turning 24 tomorrow! that’s such a nice, even, easily-factorable number, though i do enjoy being prime from time to time. i remember when growing up my bdays were always celebrated with swimming parties at the nearby pool. lots of crazy diving and going down the water slide, and then followed up with cake and ice cream (sometimes at once, thanks to baskin robbins and their brilliant combination of both desserts) at home. underneath the backyard gazebo and a mylar banner, my parents would look on as we gazillion kids in bathing suits went to town, yelping with freshly sugared stomachs.

we’ll see how this one turns out.

two more tidbits:

ihop incoming
maybe i’ve been out of the loop-d-loop, but has anyone noticed that there’s an IHOP moving into harvard square? i would have killed for waffles at 4am as a student, but now that i have a more grand perspective i hope that the nearby local diners dont suffer for it. zoe’s, prevail!

matt + nat 'harriet' messenger bag
my lurvely new bag for my incoming macbook. i’ve been hunting for a while (longer than i’d care to admit), but they were all either too simple, too geeky, too girly for girliness’ sake, too expensive, poorly constructed, or underdesigned. this one i picked up at luna boston, my favourite place to caress bags, and the brand matt + nat foremost makes wonderfully designed accessories. they happen to be vegan-friendly as well, which is an extra bonus on top of everything. i’m a convert to this montréal-based label, and it’s just the most perfect blend of euro-chic minimal structured substance. i couldnt ask for anything better.

i’m waiting until the last possible minute to purchase a new personal laptop, since i want to take advantage of my educational discount but wish to anticipate any upgrades or price differentials that may come with the merom / core 2 duo processor upgrade in the next month. ah, gotta love moore’s law for making any large electronics purchase an intense strategy game in optimizing and timing.

niknak came back yesterday after a glorious european conference cum vacation. bars of slovenian chocolate, glossy italian fashion magazines, and heartwrenchingly beautiful accounts of bolognese feasts ensued.

plus, dishing details on the awesomeness of canopied scooters:

happy, safe and sound.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    >loved the food shots. and the bag! i bought one sort of like it two weeks ago, but don’t have a photo. mine’s olive and not prissy at all. so funny we’re both buying the same brand of bags. as for writing opps, check out this opp; it pays:http://www.ohmythatsawesome.com/2006/08/calling_writers.htmlbtw, it’s bekka, blogger auto signed me in……i have too many personas.http://potlikker.typepad.com/bekka/

  2. >Happy slightly belated Birthday! how is it possible that you’re only now turning 24???? You’re younger than I thought.

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