>after a sleepy, RESfest-y bus ride, this morning i finally crossed the borders and safely channeled my way into boston.

suffice to say, it was a wonderful weekend. in a nutshell, i can say maine is gorgeous in the season, organic food tastes waaaay better here, and you *must* see little miss sunshine with friends. alyssa and arlen (and the menagerie of feathers and fur) were lovingly hospitable. beyond that, details forthcoming. here are some photos to tease and tide you over in the meantime…

maine weekend - portland, waterville, and elsewhere

maine weekend - portland, waterville, and elsewhere

maine weekend - portland, waterville, and elsewhere

evocative, no? either that or seductively savoury. :)

i cant believe i will only have two more weeks at mit! i’m done my thesis but i’m technically still a research assistant until the end of august. by the way, if you get yourself to a bookseller or magazine stand (independently run, preferably), see if you spot the last-last-last issue of PC magazine, the august 8, 2006 issue. it sports a blue cover and the story is the future of tech: 10 amazing technologies that will change your life. the cover story is titled the 10 coolest technologies you’ve never heard of and guess what?

urbanhermes is one of them!

it’s listed as viral fashion. i would be totally oblivious of the news if it were not for one of my friends, who admitted he was flipping through it while at the airport the last week or so and spotted the shoutout. yay! it was a big proud moment. :) never mind that the article text itself is a rehash of an older writeup and that my name is not mentioned, but nevertheless i was pleasantly surprised! and strangely… vindicated. in any case, rah rah smg!

in other, completely unrelated news, this is my lust object of the day:

could. they. be. any. cuter?

spy the fornarina 5720 mina. i am tickled that they come in metallic blackberry leather. *swoon* mmm, i think i could use some vitamin c…

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  1. Reese says:

    >that’s so cool your project got mentioned! so awesome!

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