where are the valley girls?

read this article on web 2.0 rockstars, and it’ll all make sense. plus, check out the slide show. there’s not one female, except for a ponytailed chick used as a styling implement.


from the title of the article (Valley Boys) to the overwhelming hetero-male culture (“Rose was mobbed by fans and even photographed signing a pretty brunette’s cleavage”), what is up with that?

cheers to mena trott for six apart, but the gender disparity is just soooo ridiculous. i wonder why that is… maybe because women have something better to do than code 24/7 and throw everything (money, relationships, pride) down the tube for profit? i dont want to do reverse sexism here, but i’m just trying to figure this out.

“These aren’t the khaki-clad MBA dropouts that clogged Highway 101 six years ago. They’re the geeks who write code because they love tech and the Internet. “

i doubt any of the ladies were khaki-clad, ahem.

btw, shameless name-dropping: i lived in the same dorm as mark zuckerberg (of facebook fame) and was taking the same mathematics class as him (math152 methods of discrete mathematics with paul bamberg; best. class. ever.) when he was coding up facebook alpha. i was in the midst of a web 2.0 rockstar, whoaaa! i knew him when!

. . .

back to work. here’s a pic of a well-dressed finn (from HEL looks) to distract you (thanks danielle!):

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