>i had this massive plan to compose three witty, amusing, thorough blog posts tonight. it was my reward after i completed today’s tasks of completing my system diagram figures and getting screenshots without crashing the nokia 770s (no small feat!)

but speaking of feet, tonight i managed to get a monstrous, nontrivial splinter–nay, shard–lodged in my foot from a jagged grain within my apartment’s hardwood floors. i was just skeddadling from the kitchen to the bathroom (barefoot, like one should be free to do so indoors) when i felt a sharp pain, like i stepped on some sharp bits or glass or small particles. i scanned the floor with my hands and eyes, feeling nothing, and then glanced at the bottom of my foot. it was scratched about two inches, and only after further inspection and lots of painful prodding did i realize that the gash line was actually an entire splinter that had gone straight through.

i tried coaxing it out on my own, but i feared either massive pain, infection, or fainting with regards to my own mini-surgery. i couldn’t walk without gouging it even further.

thanks to sam and his father’s quirky sedan, i got a ride to mit medical on campus where i got most of it extracted by a doctor’s deft forceps and received the most painful pain-relief (ironic) serum via administered syringe. all i can say is, any shot through the soles of your feet (one of the most sensitive parts of the body) is probably one of the most dire things you could ever survive. though i’m not particularly needle-phobic, i screamed so loud from the pain that sam, in the waiting room, could identify me.

anyway, long story short, i’m back at home, with a fresh tetanus shot, and wearing house shoes inside until further notice. exhausted, and pretty much wanting to do nothing except snooze and pretend this whole thing didnt happen.

dont worry, i called the landlady. she better remedy this before another crippling incident strikes again…

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  1. >Good lord, that sounds terrible! Glad you survived.Onward to child birth. I hear it’s a blast. ;-)

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