>despite the fact that i find nothing more comforting than a soft pillow under my cheek, i sometimes wish that sleep didnt exist. too much stuff i need and want to do, and yet the sun persists to rise and fall to the diurnal cycles. i am wide-eyed awake and can probably work for a good few hours, but i know full well that taking bites off the sleep cycle is *not* the best thing to do when, oh, one’s graduate thesis is on the line. [all-nighters aren’t what they used to be.]

so yes, tomorrow and its corresponding joy + sorrow awaits with biting anticipation. but some news before i snooze…

numéro un!

i am the creative cognoscente

i designed these personal business cards (with matching website, and knowing me, probably a handbag down the line) and received the box from the printers last week. i had the most challenging yet exhilarating time trying to come up with my title. i am very happy with them, though i might go with a local offset printer for the next batch. i think creative cognoscente fits me really well… if you’d like me to elaborate, please feel free to contact me!

numéro deux!

View Christine Liu's profile on LinkedIn

more career gearing-uppage… i’ve joined the legions of socially networked professionals at linked in. you may check out my (ever-updating) profile on the sidebar, and can also click that big blue button above. the site actually seems pretty helpful, kind of like an industry goldmine (fleck fleck), recruiting cocktail party, and traces of friendster all in one. no flirting though; that little fact i could safely discern. :)

numéro trois!

new sans serif for tonight; listen your tender pink brains out. the theme is remixes in the front, party in the back. in essence, don’t get too comfy with your oh-so-adorable postal service, when cut chemist is right around the corner to knock some turntabling sense into you. tussled hair is in, anyway.

enjoy, rinse, repeat, and sleep.

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  1. srah says:

    >I’ve never met you but I’m on Linked In. Let me know if you want to be a contact. :)

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