>happy 4th. one of the best perks of living in cambridge is the fireworks tonight! :)

enjoy a sultry tuesday holiday with the playlist from last night’s red-hot sans serif show. crank up the speakers that are wired to your iWhatever, climb into a hammock (no falling!) and wait for the corn to get off the grill, all a-butter.

listen here. teaser: there’s a thievery corporation track with sarah mclachlan! without her i would have never survived my highschool days. whee. actually, i would get her bloom remix album in a heartbeat, except… wait, what’s this? sony/bmg content copy protection? ugh; ruinous.

well, chin up. good music and art still persist. and there is some relative freedom in the world. but if anything, it’s a day to push forward for freedoms that are yet to be defined and protected, for us and everyone.

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  1. Reese says:

    >what’s this? TC hooked up with sarah mclachlan?? no way… i still her delerium track the best though. eerily sexy.

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