>saturday was shopperific!

(this is like part 1.)

remember that yard sale i was raving about? i used up all of $5, and here’s evidence of my bounty (not to mention some mod kresge-esque candlestick holders and an offprint from the v+a circa 1970)…

vintage finder's keepers
vintage finder's keepersbetter homes and gardens creative ideas presents… needlework + craft ideas magazine! from 1979. this wondrous issue includes everything from stitched dollhouses, to ‘quick-knit’ sweaters in bulky yarn, to a whole sewn pillow set starring henry the 8th and all of his respective wives. (oh yes they did!) btw, i thought the colourful styling of this lionbrand pattern set looked amusingly familiar

vintage finder's keepers
vintage finder's keepers vintage finder's keepers
family circle magazine! from 1967. cover’s cheery and yellow… and aren’t we in the thick of birdiness these days? here are some sample spreads, but there are also included recipe cards (!) and those classic comic-strip-type ads in the back pages. the mod brit look sends me swooning every time… vive la mary quant!

vintage finder's keepers
vintage finder's keeperslady’s circle magazine! from 1970. is this title out of circulation these days? it’s like the lovechild of ladies home journal and family circle. there’s everything from cooking tips to make-your-own-fashions, such as the crochet lovelies above. i will be indebted to the first person willing to make that ridiculously textured tunic thingy.

vintage finder's keepers
i couldn’t pass these up. they seem to be a set of tips and recipes that one would ‘send away for’, probably with a couple UPCs cut from jell-o boxes and a SASE. the cards are sturdy and handily numbered, for at-fingertip speed for endless gelatin-related ensembles and delectable ombre-hued drawings of gender-normative families. some of the baking recipes seem quite tasty, with traditional ingredients and homemade honesty. i’ll have to make the chocolate brownies (only with swan’s cake flour!) soon and report back. take that, buttercup bake shop.

whoever was selling this stuff (a middle-to-upper-aged man) probably was unleashing the stash of a very crafty person, perhaps a mother or an aunt. oh, oh, save the best for the last!

vintage finder's keepers
vintage finder's keeperscheck.it.out. vogue patterns from 1954. they’re immaculate. they’re unused. they’re outrageously authentic.

the packaging’s falling apart a bit, but the tissue inside is in mint condition, and there’s even a pamphlet tucked away in there to send off for a subscription to vogue patterns! i love how the price of the pattern is 60 cents, in canada 65 cents. i’m like between this vintage size 14 and 20, but i think with a bit of finagling sticheroo it can be tailored accordingly.

i’m already scoping out fabrics on reprodepot. look forward to a voting spree. :)

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  1. honeybee33 says:

    >OMG, and Elizabeth Montgomery on the cover, to boot! You are takin’ me back! You go, retro-grrl!~ hb33 ~

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