>the delightful giftings of my sp8, in approximately 4000 words:

awesomeness from secret pal
handspun yarn from secret pal
edibles (sorta) from secret pal
more edibles (sorta) from secret pal

click through images for more detailed descriptions. i’m mincing my words here as i’m desperately trying to finish a thesis chapter by tonight. there’s the scent of bbq meat wafting through the window, mary’s harpsichord salon tonight, and plenty of distractions to get me from here to there. oh yes, niknak is finally back in town, after a heartbreakingly frustrating situation with his flight (and unexpected airport hotel; gah, right?) back to boston.

oh yes, any suggestions for what to do with the lovely handspun yarn (75 yds, worsted weight) would be most welcome. my sp8 suggested making a hat. i’m also considering making a cute cozy for my new phone. any other brilliant flashes of inspiration?

p.s. my sp8 isnt really secret anymore (the scavenger-type challenge for discovering her identity ended rather prematurely) but i’ll keep her name + blog secret for my readers just for secret exchange’s sake! however, she has awesome taste and a brilliant knack for sending me swoon-worthy stuff, so thank you, miss k! :)

2 Responses to “”
  1. Rhonda says:

    >A phone cozy is a great idea! And your yarn is even nicer for a pattern like this one … http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/cell_phone_bag/cell_phone_bag.htmlhappy knitting …

  2. Cerella says:

    >You got some really awesome stuff from your Pal! :)

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