>hello! an eventful weekend on many accounts. [the heat shall not go unnoticed.]

recent days held many spots of sewing, spanning many degrees of public disclosure. here’s one project that i can show, of which i am especially fond…

db-db redux db-db redux

francis gave me this shirt gratis, courtesy of the db-db dynasty. he’s built up a legion of pr0npixelpushers everywhere. hongkong power, baby! he gave these shirts to smg folks sometime last year, and i giggled, knowing that i probably wouldn’t wear it, though it’d make a really killer motif for something crafty.

db-db reduxlast friday i tried to fulfill my pursuit of a kickily cute bag with a surprising db-db lining. the only store i stopped by was pearl, which has an abysmal selection of fabricstuff beyond craft felt. however, i was optimistic, and i’ve had some not-so-bad experiences sewing with the stuff. here’s my ‘before’ picture, shadows evident of the bizarre lighting setup in the cube (code for the media lab basement), with fuzzy sheets of neon coral + yellow. however, the felt proved too thick, and i have two broken sewing machine needles to show for it. (this kicked off my undercurrent of seething rage throughout the weekend, for everything between the nonexistent T scheduling to the inanity of transunion. but rage is quite unladylike… and probably illustrated at length in a later post.)

however, not to be knocked down for long, i went to winmil on saturday for actual honest-to-goodness fabric. i already had a perfect ribbon from my last trip to pearl. after heading back to the sewing machine and stitching for a lil’ bit, i came away with…

pouch for secret treats
pouch for secret(ly naughty) treats
pouch for secret(ly naughty) treats


i sewed it! i sewed it!

exterior: cotton print from winmil
interior: db-db pixels (tshirt jersey)
ribbon: japanese import cotton from pearl

pattern: pouch bag from craftgrrl

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  1. Rhonda says:

    >Hey I like the bag!! Love the colors and what did you say was going to go in it? Patterns? Neat little knitty bag for the go-along project too. Nice job!

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