>get ready for blitzrecipe.

presenting eggplant-polenta stacks with tomato sauce in picture-book form (plus captions for the big kids).

fig 1a: approximately 78.3% of the ingredients getting cozy, but nowhere near the über-melty-coziness of what is to come. they’re so adorably naïve!

fig 1b: cutting up everything in sight, because ‘slices’ are in this season. cute mdk washrash looks on.

fig 2a: polenta gets a little shredded in the process. it sits quietly, knowing not to upset anyone anymore for fear of the consequences. polenta, poor polenta.

fig 2b: browning the zucchini slices in olive oil, salt, and pepper. i absolutely adore the yellow and green colourings. smells divine, too.

fig 3a: piling up everything. stacking takes patience. *flip*

fig 3b: a little amuse-bouche while the baking happens. chicken jalepeno sausage and crusty bread await their tasty and toothsome demise.

fig 4a: meltymelty! mmmm fresh mozzarella, oozy and woozy. i’ll just continue making culinary-induced sounds… mmm ooo eeia…

fig 4b: adding the reduced tomatos, sweetly fire-roasted. the red is extremely welcomed to the party.

fig 5: i think this is pretty self-captioning :) buon appetito!

3 Responses to “”
  1. Reese says:

    >mmm! it does look like some melty goodness. might try this recipe only without the eggplant (i’m curiously allergic).

  2. Shannon says:

    >Boy, I know whose house I’M eating at next year at Seamless….tasty!I was making something similar a few summers ago with graffiti eggplant from Bread & Circus, walnut pesto from Trader Joes, ricotta and tasty melty mozzarella…

  3. Rhonda says:

    >M-m-m-m, yummy … Bet it would be great using Zucchini chips too!

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