>wow. is tuesday the designated day for updates, releases, and big news?

first, flickr beta has officially become flickr gamma. adorable.

[read more on the flickr blog here and here]

then, apple announced its new sleek macbook, dubbed as the ‘superfast, blogging, podcasting, do-everything-out-of-the-box’ machine. ever think that the super- prefix will become as ubiquitous and throwaway as the word like or cool? it’s shooting out everywhere from the mouths of diesel-wearing indies and like-minded marketers.

also, in übergeek news, nokia issued a release that announced new support for internet calls (i.e. VOIP) and IM, in stockholm today. w00t. (i am currently playing with a pair of these units for my thesis)

and finally, it’s my sister jeannette’s 32nd bday today! jokes aside, she actually is a brain surgeon and will be moving to california very soon after her stint in galveston.

i still remember her as a furiously busy little kid (and strange big sister), who carried earthworms in the house after the rain to poke inside them, who constructed a complete dollhouse with lit rooms fully wired with a robust electrical system, and who in highschool simultaneously was student council president, a manager at mcdonald’s, and varsity cheerleading captain. she fearlessly did softball and track and gymnastics (until she messed up her leg for a while on the vault), and approached a toothpick bridge building competition for physics class with such furvor that a certain area of our carpet in the basement will forever be ROCKHARD from the gallons of glue dripped onto and through. since she’s 8 years older, we tended to clump big milestones together; my middle school graduation with her college graduation, my high school graduation with her medical school graduation. she taught me how to be a woman with opinions. she taught me the insanely complicated wardrobe system she devised so she could algorithmically ensure that she wouldn’t repeat an outfit ensemble for three weeks. she rivals me in black boot wearing. she is the most independent person i know.

5 Responses to “”
  1. yahaira says:

    >your sister sounds great! a brain surgeon? holy crap! the new flickr look is great, but I’ve noticed that it’s running unbearably sloooow now. sigh I still want them to add something that tells you when someone “blogged” your pic.

  2. Reese says:

    >a ha! that’s what happened to flickr then! love love love. i hope it doesn’t run too slow now.

  3. Danielle says:

    >Aww, I love your big sis, and I’ve never even met her!

  4. Rhonda says:

    >So nice that you’re friends with your big sister! I have 5 younger sisters and I’m closest with the youngest. (I’m 12 years older) I’ve thought that was strange, but I guess not … I use to read stories to her & we’d sing together. And believe me … I can’t sing. LOL.

  5. String Bean says:

    >My sister is also a genius. She’s a pharmacist, but I think she’s sort of sorry that she didn’t go work for NASA. She really could.

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