>ugliest. shoes.

not only does it have a ‘macrame upper with stylish fruit ornamentation on vamp’ but also a sole that’s metallic! i can’t imagine what this shoe designer was thinking, except to make people like five-star estee from california quiver with delight.

4 Responses to “”
  1. srah says:

    >You think those are ugly? How about this entire brand?

  2. Rhonda says:

    >OMG, the shoes I’ve been looking for! Great for my dream vacation to the Islands. What-do-you-mean, ugly? The ones srah links to are UGLY!! LOL

  3. String Bean says:

    >Hmmm…I might actually wear those. In my grave…

  4. >It’s strange because they’re so close to being cute – just alter one or two details.I’ve seen some very cute knitted shoes/slippers… (fumbles around)What about these at kblog? (Oh, I guess they’re socks but still…)

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