>must. blog. before falling. asleep.

[now that i’m exercising regularly my bedtime has magically moved earlier and earlier. are my late nights coming to an end? egads!]

tonight i felt like trying out a new recipe, something tasty to finally get rid of the chicken breasts from trader joe’s that have been clogging up the back of the freezer for the last several months. the chicken, lonely never again.

found a reasonable dish in the four ingredient cookbook, and adapted it in regards to my own patience, and also the current inventory at whole foods.

the secret four aren’t too difficult to spot out. chicken (you’re on to something), lemon, pancetta (substituting for serrano ham), and butter (which i omitted). lots of fresh pepper to round it out. the presentation is so fancy! i got some of my leftover potatoes and the last bits of petite peas. [now that my food is almost completely depleted, i am waiting in mouth-watering and fridge-filling anticipation for my upcoming boston organics delivery!]

yay. the oozy fat from the pancetta moistens the meat and lavishes a tasty bit of pork to the poulet. click here to see slightly more lip-smacking, tissue-glistening, vegan-terrifying detail.

segue into a knitting update. i’ve been off-and-on these bright socks, and got a bit done this weekend between an afternoon at diesel café and a really bad lindsey-lohan-hosted SNL. bad.

boring, normal, everyday socks, you say?

aha! betcha didnt see that one coming.

i am all over the patterns in anna zilboorg’s socks for sandals and clogs, especially since they’re quirky and intricate in a never-will-you-see-in-stores kind of way. this one is called gemma.

i’m using lorna’s laces shepherd worsted (handpainted superwash merino!) in a lovely colourway, irving park, that has these insane neon oranges flitting through the devil-may-care fuschia and spots of lavender. i have 48 stitches in circumference; i laugh at the prospect of scrawny ‘sock’ weight yarn. bulky sweaters for the feet, la la la…

my mullet socks. business in the front, but party in the back.

5 Responses to “”
  1. Danielle says:

    >These are beautiful!! I’m glad you figured out how many stitches you needed. Can’t wait to see them finished, which seems like it won’t be long now!

  2. loriz says:

    >I applaud your going public with your exercise log. Lately I’ve been feeling the buldge a little too, and have been “thinking” about doing more about it. Personally blogging about my exercise seems so exposing, however I can see the benefits of it too: having others relate to you! keep up the hard work!

  3. Emma says:

    >Those socks are amazing! What a great job you’re doing with them.

  4. String Bean says:

    >Nice socks. I’m getting some Lorna’s Laces in the mail soon.Good luck with the exersize. I’m moving to Newhalem soon. (read: up there I’ll walk every day, swim in the pool, climb along the rocks next to the river, and hike on the trails). Let me relish my laziness for a little while longer. Can you believe this? Verification: iffaaaapx

  5. honeybee33 says:

    >Luv the stitch-motif … in that colorway, it looks like the devil.~ hb33 ~

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