>some engrossingly gastronomic reviews:

cloisters on chocolate
reaffirming valrhona lovers worldwide. mmm.

nicecupofteaandsitdown on biscuits
no, not like this kind of biscuit. i’m talkin’ about biscuits, like the british way of referring to cookies, you culturally-insensitive twit. ;) tea-drinking is ace!
[via notmartha]

traderjoefan on trader joe’s
yes, confess. we all have our favourites, and will bend over backwards for them. for some, it’s chocolate raspberry sticks ;) to be fair, i’m all about the near-instant indian meals in-a-pouch…

just enough to whet your palate. hee.

read and weep eat.

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  1. String Bean says:

    >He (?) didn’t rate Scharffenberger or Ritter Sport! They are by far the best, even though Hershey’s bought out Scharffenberger. They actually bought it because (I found out) they wanted to learn how to make better chocolate. Kudos to Hershey’s…uh..sort of.My favorite biscuit (yes, yes, the British version) would have to be Arrowroot biscuits. Granted, the package calls them ‘cookies’, but they are no such thing. They’re perfect with tea and don’t make you feel guilty because they have 0 chocolate. I think I have a recipe to make them if you’re interested. Arrowroot required. You could probably coat them in chocolate if you were so inclined.

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