today’s dailycandy boston spotlights downtown crossing’s fabled yarn and notions store windsor button, bastion of fondleable malabrigo, comprehensive ribbon selection, and the only place in town with brown sheep lamb’s pride.

however, its writeup in dailycandy (a fashionista’s guide to life through weblinks, essentially) is a little odd. i know they always try to stylize their posting to be as sassy as possible (the tongue-in-cheek glammy tone is part of their identity), but this just seems a wee bit stretched thin for my taste:

You wear cardigans, carry doctor bags, and have swapped anything higher than a kitten heel for flats. It’s a wonder strangers aren’t asking about your grandkids.

But in the fair age of microdermabrasion and hair glossing, you should be taking your granny get-ups to the next level.

Which is where Windsor Button comes in. The Downtown Crossing sewing and craft store has been around since before your real grandma and now offers lunchtime knitting and crocheting classes. (Yes, really. And if you don’t learn now, are you ever going to?)

Stop by for an hour of instruction on everything from baby blankets and hats to sweaters and, well, it’s up to you. (The teachers encourage maximum needle and hook creativity.)

You’ll be stitching adorable sweater sets in no time.

And wearing them to your favorite early-bird specials, no doubt.

um…. yep, that’s it.

it raises a lot of questions. why does crafting (or cardigans, or doctor bags) have to always be associated with grandmas? it’s incredibly cliché, especially now during the throes of post-modern craft artists.

by the way, i thought microdermabrasion was specifically marketed to older women. mmm, who’s the obsolète now? :)

3 Responses to “”
  1. fillyjonk says:

    >”t raises a lot of questions. why does crafting (or cardigans, or doctor bags) have to always be associated with grandmas?”or, for that matter, why does it have to be seen as uncool to be over a certain age? I guess I get more fed up with the “it’s not yer grandma’s craft!!!” assertion because it’s basically ageist, it’s assuming that once you’ve passed (say) 40, you have nothing more to contribute. But that’s just me. And also, about the comment about flats or “kitten” heels: I know women in their 80s who spent their youth torturing their feet into pointytoed, high heeled shoes, usually a size or two too small. Beyond the fact that their feet are not attractive now (because of the abuse), a number of them have foot problems – apparently resulting from the wearing of too-tight shoes. I always wear flats (I teach and am on my feet for hours a day) and admit I bristle a little bit at anyone who implies it’s a “bad” fashion choice. (I suppose it depends on how you define “bad”)I know dailycandy is a fashionista blog, and I really shouldn’t be warped by their attitude, but it frustrates me to hear people slamming “functional” fashion. Especially when I have the sense that the slammers haven’t walked a mile in my (comfortable and right-sized) shoes.

  2. Reese says:

    >It seems that knitting will be forever associated with grandmas. It’s slowly becoming more common for younger people to knit, but knitting isn’t seen as a young person’s hobby yet. Young people do things like drink, club, drink more, buy things off the internet, and drink. Young people do not sit and knit. Young people simply don’t have the patience to do it. I wish people would just get over it. A hobby is a hobby, no matter what age you do it.I’m also slightly offended on the part about unfashionable old people wearing flats, but less so. I’ve figured out that I just don’t care if people think I’m too practical and not stylish enough when I wear flats. I’m done with foot pain.

  3. String Bean says:

    >I am also aghast at the “grandma knitting theory”. I’m 19, I knit more than anyone I know. I knit practically 24/7.I also do cross-stitch and embroidery. I can hear them now: “Talk about grandmas!”. Anyone can knit, age is moot. You can knit whether you’re 3 or 93. It’s not uncool to be under or over a certain age and while we’re on the subject, I hate the word ‘cool’. You’d never catch me wearing kitten heels, I prefer my 5 year old sneakers, and I only drink with dinner, thankyouverymuch, fashionista magazine.

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