>a bright, quiet sunday afternoon. doing the job search thing, eating a chimichanga for lunch, having fun with the french press, and laundering my duvet covers (multiple, since i like soft, warm sleepies). my roommate went off to watch the st. patrick’s parade in south boston, which i was tempted to attend, but the prospect of mini-agoraphobia amid lots of green-faced cityfolk didn’t seem like the most ideal thing. at least not this morning. :)

more of a photo-journal for today, but a glimpse of yesterday’s almond cookies cum almond snaps astral extravaganza and handpainted luxury.

by the way, the recipe for the baked goods is from four ingredient cooking. any guesses on what the four ingredients are? i think it’s safe to say that almonds are involved somehow. but perhaps that could be a trick question…

2 Responses to “”
  1. Rhonda says:

    >Nice start on the socks!!

  2. Andrea says:

    >Hmm…I’m always up for a culinary challenge. Almonds, butter, and sugar are the first three ingredients that come to mind; is there flour, to boot, or do the almonds take care of that, too?

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