>so late. so tired. want… to… write…

perhaps when i’m more coherent i can work the finer points of the project runway finale, the absurdity of top chef, meeting the editors of the dig, the beauty of 19th century nightfall, the sufferable symptoms of technological culture, jorge cham’s (of piled higher and deeper) nuggets of wisdom, boston restaurant week, yarn-yearning bliss, dangerous baking blogs, etc.

but for now, goodnight. *yawn* zzz.

p.s. ease into the day (or night, you crazy coders) with the latest rendition of sans serif. you know you’ve been waiting all week for it!

p,p.s. happy 36th anniversary mommy + daddy! it’s a little belated, sooo…. happy 36 years + 8 days. :)

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  1. String Bean says:

    >The project runway finale was great. I couldn’t knit while I watched it. I really thought Santino was going to win! He broke out of his absurd designs and created an astoundingly beautiful collection. I am glad Chloe won. I think she’ll make the most of it as she already has a business going. I do love her clothes, but some of them seemed a little impractical for everyday life. I was dissapointed by Daniel V’s clothes. The tapestry jacket was sleek and pretty, but he was missing his usual “something”. I’m going to miss watching project runway. What will I watch on wednesday night now? Top Chef sucks! I watched half of one episode and I already want to kill that one a-hole guy with the accent.

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