>so the secret is out.

frank moss has been publicly announced as the new director of the media lab. read the globe article released today.

we ‘insiders’ knew about the news about two weeks ago, though had to wait for the official word to be published to say anything about it (i.e. no blogging!). above is a photo from the lab-wide assembly, with f.moss (3rd from left) flanked by a subset of the director search committee (L to R): mitch resnick, cynthia breazeal, and tod machover. it’s an exciting (and challenging) time to tackle the ins and outs of the lab at this time of busting-britches growth, intralab thematics, relationship with mit, and innovating the world’s future. i was really impressed with f.moss in his intro speech, especially his priorities on honest discourse with both faculty and students, and the importance of physically interacting with the lab to really understand how every little and big piece come together to form the literal and the symbolic ‘media lab’.

it’s a time of hope and expectation! congrats to him and the search team; i’m sure everyone’s super-relieved to get through that initial stage…

and of an utterly and completely separate topic, look what i saw coming home:

there’s a kitty living upstairs! i knew he existed but this is the first time i’ve ever seen him keeping a windowsill watchout from the house. one day soon i have to make myself comfy in the upper apartment and proffer chocolate cookies in exchange for petting the cat… not a bad deal, mmm?

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