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The audience
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kate kunath is the hottest photographer ever. she covered last year’s show (making the cover of I.D. magazine isnt too shabby) and agreed to work with us on this year’s show even though we are (still) poor as folk. she still brought her seamless (no pun intended) staging setup and lighting equipment with her, but also milked the blue wing of the museum of science for as much as it was worth. there’s a much-overlooked exhibit at the museum called new england habitats and it’s your typical cheesy 1950’s style taxidermied and shellacked in-situ diaromas. it’s nothing but priceless. kate ingeniously posed the models in their futurewear next to the exhibits, with glamourous wide-eyed girls in juxtaposition with the faded beasts of plasticked fur. i know they will come out like all of her portrait work: absolutely gorgeous.

i took the top photo above with my amateur photo skillz. kate directs kae and anya to frolic with the birds. the designer of the sonic fabric, alyce santoro, thought the backdrop especially apt since she used to study marine biology. tell me how this could have gotten any cooler.

below, more gems from the habitats:

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