>hihi. i am soooo tired right now. it hasn’t been a terrifying weekend, though i think my mind is just fried from a million little thoughts firing simultaneously in continuum. heart bleeds happy but head doth ache. it’s going to be like this until it all goes down on wednesday.

speaking of which, seamless, the technological fashion show at the museum of science in boston that i’m co-producing and my most immediate bread + butter, has sold out. already! the news is a double-edged sword, since (1) of course it’s awesome that we have such a strong showing of support and interest in the event, though (2) a lot of people (i.e. all of the student population who would really be into this) hadn’t bought tickets yet and are now out of luck. it’s due to a fire code issue, and it’s seriously cramping our style. however, if you weren’t able to purchase a ticket, there is still hope! i would advise interested parties to show up at the door at 6:30pm on wednesday, and we are trying to get overflow seating in an adjacent theatre in the museum with a satellite live feed of the show. it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing, and would be free admission. i will also look into seeing if mit cable might broadcast it on the campus tv station. also, if you might be willing to volunteer as a member of the tech crew, you may attend the show. email the producers if you’re interested in this option.

friday night was the opening of collisionNINE at art interactive. it was a great showing and so many people came! i saw chrisQ and her trio-making chris, bess, monica, emma, peter, lisa, marisol, orkan, aaron, kate, erez, enrico, and basically everyone in the mit media lab and the architecture department. i also met jo green of turbulence! that was exciting. :)

i am showing my nichrome mittens, dubbed toast ‘n’ roast.

view my placard.

read the exhibit catalog.

view collision videos: tantalus mackerel by chris fitch, sidereal day #2 by brian knoth, pixelpusher by rob gonsalves, misty dawn by amber fridjimenez and philip decamp.

the exhibit continues for two more weekends until feb 12. give it a go… we even got r�gine‘s seal of approval. :)

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  1. Jess says:

    >Damn it. I wanted to go. (whine)

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