>hiya, it’s wednesday.

i figured it’s probably a good thing to market myself a little bit better on this blog. did you know i host a radio show every week? and i’ve been doing it for over a year now? yep, nope, well, i do. so each wednesday i’ll announce the arrival of a new week’s archive and playlist. i’ll drop it gently, just like so.

this week i did a song request for karrie, who’s in town this week (transported from the corn fields of urbana, illinois) to do a number of things, including co-directing the chitchatclub iap class. check it out near the end of the show, a spectacular *live* recording of sigur ros in the icelandic opera house! sigur! ros! icelandic! opera! house! the thought alone is enough to make you go absolutely apoplectic. can’t wait to see them perform at the orpheum in three weeks! le sigh…

so, like, when are bjork and sigur ros and mum going to do some blowout royal-reykjavik triple-threat tour? i think i might need a cardiac bypass after that lineup… which would be awesome. i mean. for that reason. yeah…

today felt like some sort of strange fantasy where you experience every type of weather within the span of 24 hours. stepping outside this morning around 10am was like walking into a sauna. to translate to non-bostonians, a sauna means 60 degrees. then later, around lunch time, it was stormin’ and wailin’ and windin’ and everything. i could barely support myself, and anything that wasn’t tied down or over 100 lbs was tossed about like romaine lettuces. the incessant rain and gusts of wind made for a very frustrating, wet spell. then on my way to the station around 6pm, it was rainy, but soon became something like hail. tiny tiny hail, giving the feeling that you’re being stabbed relentlessly by enveloping, sadistic cacti. yeah, if you think that sounds like badness, you’re right. and then coming home it was a pleasant type of winter cool weather but i still held my coat in my hands. i think i’m ready for the ice storm now, whenever it’s a-coming.

kitty dim-sum sounds like something you’d find on at a sketchy eatery in chinatown, and although i dont deny it happens, you might want to find a better example of it here. (hint: this is the pattern that i testknit.)

tubas. now. go listen.

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