>things worthy of note today:

  • we had our first chitchatclub iap meeting this morning. i think it’ll be a good chance to just hash out crazy ideas for the next artistic foray into telecommunicative spaces. anyway, one book reference in particular piqued my interest: the rituals of dinner, which was an oblique mention relating to latent origins of ruled behaviour. not sure how we got on that, but i like thinking of biting and ingesting and slicing and slathering as potentially dangerous activities among a communal spread of victuals.
  • on the way home, walking from central square to inman, i saw a raccoon! as he shuffled ahead, ducking beneath a parked car in a gravel lot, his unmistakable ringed tail bushed out behind his fat furry brown body. it was extremely cute, probably one of the few times seeing a raccoon in the flesh, and especially at such short a distance. i would have loved to have taken a photograph, except he soon disappeared in the quiet darkness. probably off to some tastiness in the back lot of harvest.
  • i submitted my final draft to CHI this evening. huzzah! hope to be (and be seen) in montreal in a few months. c’est super!
  • i completed the first sleeve of the coviello sweater, and only have one more sleeve to go before sewing up the whole darn thing. i wonder how necessary the crochet chain edging is… because if it’s one thing i get nervous about it’s working magic with a hook. eh, presentable edges are so very bourgeois. heh, well, that’s my theory for now.
  • i captured the forbidden [grape]fruit that had been begging for love, rolling around the open space in the lab (the pond to be all technical) with strife and loneliness. its sheeny yellow skin was tinged with the blushing pink of a hyperventilating maiden. by eating its sour-sweet juices, i delivered it from its solitary existence.
  • who’s loving this below-zero weather? ME^3.
5 Responses to “”
  1. toshi says:

    >you ate a grapefruit that was in a… uh, a pond? was it a communal fruit? confusing this is

  2. christine says:

    >to clarify, the pond is the central open area on the 3rd floor of the media lab. there’s a section with black leather couches and a coffee table, and i saw the same sad pieces of fruit looking sadder and sadder with each passing day. i wasn’t sure if they belonged to anybody, but i justified my actions as a reaction to an anonymous fruit-owner’s neglect.plus, i was hungry.

  3. Jess says:

    >a racoon? cute! (as long as you don’t get too close). There was a possum hanging out (upside-down!) on my street a couple of years ago, just outside of Porter Square. It was huge!

  4. christine says:

    >raccoon was ridiculously cute. very slow, but steady, wearing his stripes with furry pride. too clever, sashaying softly ahead in full view, but not stopping long enough to really give me a full photo op.[i just love their little bandit eyes.]i wonder how many of these critters end up poking their noses through our own trashcans and basements?

  5. >raccoons! How cool! They are such neat animals. Sounds liek you stay pretty busy. Best of Luch on The CHI proposal!

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