>hey, check it out. kinda looks like a finished object, doesn’t it? :) i finally depleted the last three yards tonight to finish the corkscrew scarf. yippee! this is the gift for my sis. but please don’t tell her…

a lovely 52″ length. 1.5 skeins of berroco quest. 10.5 needles. pattern by teva durham, loop-d-loop. smashingly metallic. have a better view of the muppety yarn in this sunshiny entry of my scarf-in-progress getting its caffeine fix at diesel cafe. sippy sip.

apologies for the minimal lighting. i abhor flash unless absolutely necessary, so i’d rather leave some mystery in the shadows than bleach out the entire scene with blinding photons. i hope she likes it! should go with her artsy schmartsy aesthetic.

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  1. >Sweet scarf. I just finished one it’s 80 inches and has little pockets on the end for my cold hands :) I’m putting up a pic for it in my blog, I just love it!

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