>despite the fact that i love teva’s style and adore the full-fashioned, lady-like ballet pullover, i felt that my sweater-in-progress really wasn’t working out. not too much effort wasted, since it’s on hulking size 15 needles and with super soft cashmerino. no regrets! some of my motivations for frogging:

  • i searched high and low for my pink yarn, since i liked how the ‘ballet’ descriptor really infused the project with a sophisticated girlishness. however, i knew that it would come back to haunt me that i really don’t wear pink, since it tends to fight with my golden skin.
  • my gauge was not consistent. i should have used smaller needles (probably 13 or 11), but my 13 tips were currently in use and i doubted the 11s. plus, even though i was pretty close to gauge, the stitched-up yarn turned out to be very stretchy. it became clear after putting it on that it wasn’t the desired effect. i planned for it to be form-fitting and taut, but it ended up loose and hung heavily.
  • to combat the horrifyingly out-of-whack size, i attempted a quick-fix by furiously decreasing stitches with each successive row. it did the reduction job, though i ended up eliminating the feminine hourglass shape the sweater was intended to mimic.
  • the pink yarn (a dusty shade) is probably better suited to my almost 5-year-old niece than to me. somehow a bulky light pink sweater becomes much more appropriate on a smaller scale. she could pull the look off way better. and cuter.

so there we have it. i haven’t fully frogged it, but am stringing out (ha) the destruction for as long as possible.

going…                                     going…

so what, you may ask, am i going to do with my extant 500gr of pink? i think i will put it toward the corrugated asymmetrical v-neck sweater from (surprise, surprise) loop-d-loop in the kid-size version for my niece down the road. totally adorable, right? maybe for next christmas, since i already have the pink theresa sweater set out for her. ah, little girls. they always come in handy when i you have a boatload of pink yarn to burn.

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