>so last night i managed to analyze and investigate the projects i currently have on the needles. it’s been up and down with my knitting momemtum, but here’s a quick rundown…

corkscrew scarf from loop-d-loop (90%)

  • berroco quest (100% nylon) on 10.5 aluminum dpns (can we say slippery?)
  • nearing the end of my current skein, but i have about a 1/3 skein leftover from the remnants of another project (which shall go embarassingly unsaid…)
  • it’s at a decent short-scarf length at a bit over 4′ long, but i have to play around with it
  • this is for sister #1, though she never reads my blog so i think i’m safe :)

tree-bark rib pillow (adapation) from loop-d-loop (60%)

  • double-stranded knitpicks merino style on denise 9s
  • designed as a covering for one of my 20″ x 20″ pillowforms (the other one will have to be naked for the time-being)
  • polishing off the 3rd pair-of-skeins out of my 5 pairs-of-skeins
  • i am loving the ribs, though it’s going slowly but steadily; i can go through a pair-of-skeins in an hour or so if i put my mind to it, so i think perhaps another solid three hours should finish this off
  • this is a housewarming gift to myself. happy new apartment!

ballet pullover from IK summer 2004 (62.5%)

  • double-stranded debbie bliss cashmerino aran on denise 15s (needles for giants!)
  • i have the entire body finished, and as of last night halfway through one of the sleeves with chunky double-pointed candy sticks on loan from danielle
  • should i do 3/4 sleeves or full-length? time will tell.
  • it’s a bulky ropey pink sweater, so i hope it doesn’t make me look too michelin-woman-esque, though i am totally digging the absence of finishing and seaming… when you’re done, you’re done!
  • i made a huge edit in the pattern when i realised my gauge was a little oversized, so i ended up decreasing like crazy from the middle of the body downwards; not a brilliant move, but a handy fix-it, and it’s not too noticeable
  • it’s a super-fast knit, so i might be able to finish this in three hours, since i’m 5/8 of the way through already ;)

so there’s the current lineup. i am also writing this down as a service to myself, so i don’t tempt myself with starting an attractive new project with my UFOs in the wings crying for attention. (and how sad they get!) so i’ll try to finish these before i embark on something beautifully ambitious.

[re my old WIP list: the kitty hat will sit in my basket for a bit before i have the patience to do the ears and pompoms. right now it’s a functional cap, sort of amelia-aviator-like, which is cute, so i don’t mind. also, i might just frog the lonely fingerless nymph glove and use the yarn for a small project, maybe the leaf cravat from IK winter 2002/03. does anyone have this pattern i could borrow? the theresa sweater for my niece is all done, and all that remains is seaming. sigh.]

don’t worry, i have a healthy list of PIQ (projects in queue) when the time comes to go yarn shopping. and it is ever growing! here’s a taste:

  • cable riding jacket from loop-d-loop (i’m thinking in rowanspun aran)
  • gibson girl pullover from IK summer 2004 (i’m thinking in knitpicks elegance)
  • jaywalker socks from magknits sept05 (in my blue moon fiber yarn)


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