>too tired to wax poetic like i normally do. here i present the essence of today:

  • first one sis, then the other. remember how sis #1 lives right north of new orleans and still doesn’t have phone service? sis #2 lives in galveston, texas, smack dab where hurricane rita, category 5, is destined to hit by the end of the week. what are the chances that my two siblings are both caught by the worst storms in recent history? what’s more distressing is that my sister can’t evacuate, since she’s a fabulous brain doctor and must remain working at the hospital. hope things stay safe down there for jeannie.
  • i managed to get a fabulous work of art from the mit list center student art loan program, even as an ‘alternate.’ that means my name was picked in the lottery, but the top three choices i listed had already been assigned. so i went into the gallery today and could pick among the non-assigned works remaining on the wall. lo and behold, it was open season on one of the yoshitomo nara prints! it’s even remarkably cute, too: a little girl secretes little brain juices all over her pretty dress while sticking her finger into a goldfish bowl. the goldfish remains remarkably content.
  • the two-hour set i did for sigtronica tonight seemed to be a success. i test-drove my tuned taste of more dance-inflected four-on-the-floor drop-bass electro chill-outs. oh yeah. and people called the station! people dialed in from far reaches of the world, like… indiana! and… illinois! it was definitely encouraging, and i look forward to gleaning a following to my new show. emergence slated in two weeks. stay tuned.

okay. waaaaay too late now. must get up uberearly to do uberintense amounts of work. i shall dream of how CHI really stands for christine hacks imagination. or chica hecka insane. what was that? oh yeah, sleep. the mission shall continue under the dark covers of night.

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  1. toshi says:

    >yo, could you post advance warning for your next show? i would like to listen over the interwebbe.

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