>i just downloaded sigur ros’ newest album, takk (which means thank you in icelandic, one of the very few words we utilised like pros while in reykjavik), from iTunes. finally using up some iTunes credit that i had stowed away from reviewing some math text a couple years ago as a poor college student (as opposed to a poor graduate student). honestly, if there has been any sort of ‘free money’ advertised on campus, i was there. one’s pecuniary status really does affect one’s spare-cash-earning dignity.

anyway, listening to sigur ros is warming me up for the concert tomorrow at the boston opera house. i am shivering in anticipation.

listening to this album, it sounds like they’re doing a mix between post-rock instrumental (did i just hear a fanfare of trumpets?) and the usual fairytale ethereality. good brainy music for a good brainy day.

okay. back to paper. after i stop daydreaming about iceland.

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  1. Secret Pally says:

    >It’s me your Scret Pal, I just stopped by to check out your blog. I sent you an email a little while ago, too.

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