>so i guess this is how it feels to be 23.

late now, and almost tumbling into that sweet, sweet slumber we all know, but as the 29th ends i’d like to just mark the momentousness of the day. and a long day it was, from waking up at 4:30am to hop on an early flight out of portland, into san francisco, and rolling back into boston like a familiar baked bean. the skies were holding in the rain as long as it could take it, and we definitely felt it when the clouds decided to asplode.

if the 8 hrs and 30 min of recycled-air airplaneness wasn’t celebration enough, niknak took me out to a surprise dinner down in a lovely and unfamiliar section of boston. french bistro, ooh la la, and mad props to his keen perception on places i might have hinted that i’ve not yet tried yet have been dying to go. started off with moules dijonnaise, slurping the yummy mustardy white wine broth with vacant shells, and then (after successive bites of the addictive bread and butter) entrees of tuna three ways (grilled, seared, and tartare) and roasted duck breast (medium-rare, natch). secret birthday dessert appeared of insane chocolate walnut ice-cream atop a warm gooey dark brownie. chocolate sauce dribbles sent us over to cocao nirvana. i made a wish, and only time will tell if it comes true!

lots more to write later, about all the lovely ways my stay in portland finished up, but last night we all shared dinner at wong’s king seafood restaurant, followed up by a delicious white chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and art deco birthday swirls by the infamous helen bernhard bakery. there was also a simultaneous birthday celebration in the restaurant, albeit on a significantly larger scale, so we got to witness some dragon dances and the parade of servers with unbelievable amounts of food with each successive and never-ending series of courses. ah, gotta love being chinese.

cheers to a prime. good night everyone.

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  1. Danielle says:

    >Oh my gosh! Your Niknak looks just like his dad!

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