>reykjavik, how i miss thee!

the where they went article on the icelandic trip niknak and i took back in spring break was finally published yesterday in the boston globe: read about our trip

hands-down my favorite quote in the piece:

“I love food in general,” said Liu. “And foreign food written in Icelandic is irresistible.”

in an unrelated bit of liucubed news, yesterday was spent packing up my apartment for sunnier climes (where sunnier means a different area of cambridge that isn’t owned by harvard or mit) and doing my best not to hate everything about the process: cleaning out sticky items from the fridge, puzzle-fitting fragile objects, and combing through once-sentimental items that were clearly meant to be hidden from sight forever. i did spot an icelandair ticket stub and reminisced about elves for a lovely moment. then the moment passed, and i resumed cramming my precious possessions with fervor.

i finally found a bed: $50 on craigslist for a full-size mattress/boxspring/frame combo. the price is great, and the mattress is sleepable… however, i got a zipcar yesterday to carry the thing from woburn to cambridge. the honda element seemed roomy enough for hauling such bulky items like mattresses, sofas, and the occasional small elephant, but once we got to the house to retrieve the bed, we knew we were doomed. the element seemed perfectly designed to not fit a bed by a mere half of an inch, no matter how hard we tried. when push came to shove (har), with a little rope thrown in, it was definitely going to be dangerous with a boxspring strapped unsecurely to the top of the vehicle. [especially with my driving.] so we’ll have to make a second trip with a larger vehicle, perhaps the u-haul cargo van.

times like these make me seem that achieving something like this is a million intermediate steps away. sigh.

also, i would much, much rather borrow some generous soul’s van or something than rent a u-haul for moving my stuff across town. if anyone knows anyone that can help me out this week, it’d be a total godsend. in any case, i see a uhaul/van IKEA expedition in the near future… hello to cinnamon buns, dropped jaws, and umlauts! and also some furniture for yours truly.

knitting news: on hold; the magnetic tape capelet mellowed me out of the mood for a bit.

happy news: i will finally be able to visit the world-famous powell’s books very, very soon. :) and shop for indie wares and lounge with the hipsters. and also do some serious family introductions…

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