>last night, ‘inspired’ in a way, diana and i were driven to create an original contribution to the fashion show. the 24 hr walgreens, thai takeout, and 2 liters of diet coke gave way to our til-4am party of knitting miles of magnetic audio and video tape. the goal was to create a slinky, elegant piece of eveningwear, crafted of technological artifacts and creative construction. pictures are forthcoming, but i must say that a 90 min tape has amazing yardage.

it was good to explore the emerging technologies, art gallery, and poster exhibition today, in the downstairs cavern of the convention center. so much to tell, but i got photos. the most inspiring thing was this musical interface that was a 16×16 LED matrix of squishy buttons. so engaging and visually beautiful. stay tuned.

i finally met katherine moriwaki! yippee. she, along with jonah, were hosting the DIY wearables workshop in the guerilla studio, where they had a lot of second-hand garments, fabrics, and passive components to play around with and create. she’s super friendly and has a great approach to computational clothing… the workshop served as a creative process, making it accessible to everyone. i am in the midst of sewing up my g.loves, but i’m so proud of my construction. i took a long, bulky, cable-knit scarf, and a short-sleeved wool abercrombie sweater (accidentally machined-washed, it seemed, so slightly felted) and made 2 pairs of matching gloves. they are so cute!! probably not the most durable things, after jamming the sewing machine with the bulky knit and then relegating myself to hand-sewing, but nonetheless adorable.

the days are exhausting, but we’re surviving. two more days until the show…

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  2. >I liked it! Keep posting.. =)-Mitzie

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