>almost 3am and i’m here in new york, bleary-eye blogging.

chinatown bus ride from boston: 5 1/2 hours of total insanity. wailing kids, gangsta rap emanating from loud headphones, and utterly horrific traffic. i got into the city late, pretty much missing the event that brought me into the city in the first place: the 21f meeting.

so i walked into the parsons design lab right as the thing finished, shiny from humid stickiness and lugging my tired bus-ridden self into the room. however, was pleasantly surprised to see the attendees — among others, ayah, gemma, kate, emily, diana, and of course alison. the artists who shared seemed really cool, though i have to investigate more of their work online. megyn bruder and mikey sklar.

slight digression… oh yeah, news from the siggraph front. isa’s been really great about getting me settled, housed, transported, etc. i’ll be staying at the brewery, apparently an artist living / working community. the largest art colony in the world, so cool!

check out the works in this year’s show: pics and descriptions (two seamless pieces are in it! bYOB and UFO! and those pictures were taken by kate kunath! whee!), and nbc article. looks pretty cool.

after the parsons thing, went to dinner with alison, diana, and alex to sammy’s noodles. super good… i asked for tasty and cheap and we sure got it! snarfed down shrimp dumplings (supershrimpy, sooo fresh), turnip cake (i love the crispy edges on soft purple), curry chicken + potatoes (impressive), and roast pork lo mein (the thick, chewy wheat noodles, yum). very very good and came out to $8 a person with taxes and tip! i will totally go back next time coming to the new school area.

we then got this tip from diana’s roommate, jungin, about a release party sponsored by details magazine somewhere at a downtown club, so we hopped over there, thinking it’d be free admission and open bar since we’re on some special guest list. however, we were not treated to such because we got there after midnight, which apparently was the magic time when all the VIP magicalness ended. another tardy mishap! so we danced a little while tall sweaty people bustled about and old-skool music (prince “kiss” and booty beats i remember from high school) blared among the gyrating colored lights. the girls were very well dressed, especially jungin’s boss who wore this devestatingly beautiful silk wraparound dress. if i were wearing it, i’d be nervous that some bloke would spill his overpriced beer all over it. she looked confident enough, though. i secretly think we all looked like some hot asian mafia chick circle. i always feel that way when hanging out exclusively with asian people! haha, since it happens so rarely.

came back and bummed in the apartment. they live in such a nice place in ny! but of course doesn’t come cheap. :( we pored through cool knitwear samples and diana’s machine-knit artsy swatches. i was so happy when i could describe her stitches in hand-knit-language! lots of beautiful stuff, i should take a picture of some tomorrow to show all you knitters… i cannot wait to try out the knitting machine when she gets it up here in a couple weeks!

will try to hit the garment district hard tomorrow and hopefully get to peek inside the yohji yamamoto showroom. w00t. i am so happy that i know people who make such beautiful things! and hopefully that applies to me, too. :)

good night, good night. love from the big apple!

p.s. i finished the theresa sleeves on the bus! finishing seaming party soon…

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  1. >Oh … I love it. Please share pics – especially of the hot asian mafia. You know how I love the mafia. I miss living in NYC. Too old now (with child and wife and all), but NYC has the best party and cheap food scene anywhere.

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