>so this morning [a sleepy and yawny] niknak and i trekked to union square for the summer farmer’s market. there were some familiar faces from last weekend’s artbeat (the ‘cheap art’ guy with paintings on wood, the trendy bookbinding, and the crafty bird bags), but also some fresh cucumbers, irresistible apple pies (with a favorable crust-to-filling ratio, in my opinion), and amazing art from iowa outcast and harvard grad (ves shoutout!) artist pauline lim. i met up with linda scharf of stone leaf moon and fondled her superb handspun yarns. i could pet them forever.

so now i have 21.6 yds/0.5 oz of this lovely kitty yarn. she had larger hanks, but this was the best i could do, a touch of luxury on my grad school budget. it’s spun of wool and silk and is slightly silverish and purple.

now, the dilemma… what do i do with this spot of gorgeous fiber? anyone have suggestions? i want to make the most of it! :)

*addendum* thank you to everyone who offered wonderful suggestions! the best thing seems to be using it as a funky trim for something. i’m thinking of putting a fancy trim on the graceful cowl from loop-d-loop. my life has never been the same after owning this book.

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  1. Arianie says:

    >If you get a spindle and some wool and silk roving you can spin more of the same yarn and ply it to add yardage. That way you can make your own luxury yarn at a lesser cost. You can get a spinning wheel to do it too but a spindle would be a cheaper tool.Hope that helpsArianiehttp://arianie.blogspot.com/

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