it may be 2:35am right now, but i can sleep soundly knowing that the charlotte sweater is done. whee!

okay, early evening. all pieces in hand. an alarmingly low amount of yarn left. my needle and scissors, together we will win against seaming and finishing, my fair nemeses.

i’m so happy! i love the neckline; it’s very flashdance looking with my racerback tank on there underneath. i can totally glam this up with a killer necklace, as i’m wont to do. the color is super sophisticated and great for fall. i love how every two seconds during the finishing stages (which i did on the floor), i kept finding bits of wire strippings and bits of astroturf stuck in my yarn. quasi inside joke, but there is something seriously spooky with my carpet.

what do you think for my first sweater project? my seaming needs a lot of work — nothing’s quite exactly even and i have some holes and lumps that magically appear along the sew line. oopsie. logically speaking, i must have the same number of rows knitted on a symmetric piece of fabric, but somehow i manage to convince myself of the opposite… anyway, here she is, blocking and totally loving it!

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  1. Mary Anne says:

    >Christine,your sweater is very cool looking! I like the style. You did a great knitting job. Congrats.cheersMary AnneRichmond BC

  2. Mini says:

    >Very cute sweater! I like the color… i was at artbeat too this weekend and thought it was pretty cool- but alot of the same ‘ole stuff over and over. how many beaded necklaces can there be? I too was momentarily horrified at the crocheted octopi. :) glad to see so many “boston science chicas” on the webring!

  3. Lorri says:

    >You did a great job! The sweater looks great on you. I moved from Boston two years ago. I miss all of the wonderful people there.Lorri

  4. Kimberly says:

    >love your sweater, good job! I’m from Cape Cod more or less and my brother went to MIT! Now I’m in Germany but would love to be there knitting in a cafe!

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