i remember seeing this in wired a bit ago, but a friend (who’s working at yohji yamamoto in nyc, w00t!) just passed along an article about the same cornell crocheting professor published in the nytimes today. (come on new york, that news is soooo last month.) :) daina taimina is a heroine for crafty mathematicians everywhere!

anyway, yet again with this project [crocheting hyperbolic spaces and other such mathematical forms] i became overcome with wonder and curiosity, so thus a search for related online dirt commenced…

nytimes article on daina taimina’s crocheted hyperbolic spaces

home of mathematical knitting has all the links and photos and names. paparazzi shot of nicky epstein with daina! a couple treats include:

pic of lorenz manifold

pic of platonic solid skeletons (so cute! paul bamberg would be proud)

la dee dah, cmliu googles away.

i’m probably the last person on earth to know about this, but wow:
not the knitting you know exhibit in washington dc this summer. maybe i can check it out if i head home sometime before september.

i want that copper camisole. bleed, baby, bleed.

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  1. toshi says:

    >ken ferry and his friends have been on this since at least 2003: the second klein bottle hat.

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