>graduating works and birthing WIPs are in the mix. [i love milestones.] let us proceed…

string finish (tahki shawl) {


return “yay it’s done!”;


pictures forthcoming (yes, yes, they all are, dear readers). but the mit stitch + bitch ladies seemed to like it! so did nak and dbdbking. :) a tad awkward to wear (getting in and out of thing is like winding oneself around a bobbin and a half) but it certainly is a glamour piece. i’m hugely pleased that i used lion brand instead of some other ridiculously expensive superbulky yarn since it probably wouldn’t have made the pattern any more wearable. i have about half a megaskein left, so maybe a cute hat or cowl can be managed from the leftovers. some instant gratification project for one rainy day, another excuse to wield the size 15 baseball bats…

so, new and current WIPs to celebrate the FO above (my ratio is excellent, no?):

  • fingerless nymph gloves (i finished one, the second one looms)
  • a beayuuuutiful leaf-adorned scarf in jo sharp silkroad ultra for a secret recipient (a quick finish)
  • the charlotte sweater from kim hargreaves (in the last stages! just need to seam together and complete the ribbed collar)
  • the theresa sweater from debbie bliss junior knits in knitpicks shine (the back is finished, now working on the front pieces)
  • corkscrew scarf from teva durham’s loop-d-loop in berroco quest color (easy and methodical, and the color is so robot-a-swimming)
  • the sad rotund hedgehog who has a face and a furry neck but not much else

to the left: the green leafy scarf, theresa looking all shiny and smooth, and the charlotte pieces sighing under the luscious weight of loop-d-loop’s magnificence

WIPs on the radar:

  • gedifra lace sweater in the burgundy merino stretch
  • a million other lustful items in loop-d-loop and various IK and VK issues

so, at this exponential rate i should be working on approximately 25,391 projects simultaneously within the next year. i love knowing i can put my applied math knowledge to good use.

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