>MBTA, how i hate thee… let me count the ways:

  1. it’s an exact science: the ratio of trains passing in the opposite direction of where i want to go is infinity to zero one.
  2. why don’t your trains and buses run on schedule? if you’ve gone through the fuss of republishing time tables and route maps, shouldn’t you try to follow them? within a window of 10 minutes?
  3. is it that difficult to run a tracking system on your trains so riders could pinpoint the location of the train in real-time? mit has shuttletrack to keep tabs on their campus shuttle fleet. you can start small… slap tags on the vehicles and allow them to physically ping each station as they go through. posting this information online would be great. i’d pinch myself if this information were actually available on subway walls and bus stations. that way i could save time by walking the extra 15 minutes to the next station instead of waiting restlessly for a nonexistent train for an hour.
  4. when a train finally rolls into the station, there are a bazillion people on it, and it’s hard convincing passengers who’ve waited for an interminable amount of time for their ride that “there’s a car right behind this one” with more room. please. try convincing us you’re a trustworthy transporation system in the first place. it’s only a T-rider’s survival tactic.
  5. please maintain the air-conditioning in your cars! i’d rather be barred entry from a car with faulty a/c than to enter a sweltering, suffocating haven with other miserably-minded passengers.
  6. when are the rechargable rider cards coming? the horrifying sensation of swiping a month pass on the 1st day of the next month, realising that you haven’t yet picked up the new pass as your kidneys bruise on the turnstile, gets old really quickly.

okay, that’s my whine for today. however, i am forced to love the T since i have no recourse other than my pedestrian duties. therein lies the simultaneous heartthrob and heartache of bostonianism…

**update** ooh! a community of whiny T riders at badtransit.com.

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