>the underground, surrounded by sliders and buttons and sounds. typing away on this shiny, tiny contraption in the basement of walker memorial, blogging my first post in months and hoping the hiatus wasn’t too alarming. continuity has always been the goal (i’ve been told that i’m infinitely differentiable, lovingly), but this segue has suffered an indefinite fermata. the cellists stare in wait. suffice to say, a lot more than nothing transpired within the last three months. abridged details of the latest and greatest will be soon to come. yet another blitzblog, but no promises on avoiding a grand epic explosion. my mind + fingers know not what they do.

the written emptiness of bliu blog has probably caused me the most distress, dear readers, but i will do my best (don’t i always say that? maybe i need to nudge my best into bester) to keep a more even keel on wishing and dishing.

and so she resurfaces. may the waters be all the more refreshing.

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  1. toshi says:

    >it has caused me great distress! but all is well now

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