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reykjavik shore
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it seems like forever since nick and i completed the great leap from boston to reykjavik and back. as i sink deeper into my soft chair and among beautiful icelandic thoughts, i recall that it’s only been a week since the spring break travel treat. our three days there, however, felt much longer and richer then any ordinary week, or even, month.

now, in response to everyone’s intrigue on why we would ever dream about spending spring vacation in a place colder than, say, florida, here are my tidbits on the trip. one day at a time, taken moment by moment…

so our flight left logan at 8:30pm on tuesday evening, a modest five-hour red-eye spell, hitting the shores of the island at keflavik international airport at *yawn* 6:30am. [now, if you’ve done your math correctly, you can see that all of iceland runs on GMT time, just like the brits. convenient, that…] our seats on the plane were located in the left window + middle, right above the wings, and surrounded by a healthy mix of okay americans and attractive icelandics. we surreptitiously overheard the conversations of the kids in front, wondering if they were talking in icelandic, or merely making kiddie-esque gibberish sounds. it was wonderful to listen to all the same. during the flight (think of the duration on transnational proportions) we were served one meal, which was quite good (but probably not as tasty as the business class passengers, poo). there was a seafood coleslaw salad thing in a cup (prettily pink and creamy), roast chicken + spiced oven potatoes + veggie + gravy for the main entree, dark chocolate cake (nick enjoyed my second slice), and a roll with the most delectable icelandic butter ever tasted. ever. not only was the food pretty yummy for plane standards, the little cups was shell-shaped (no ordinary circles here), and the packaged plastic utensils were silvery and super-modern! all hip angles and things. already things were becoming rather ikea-like… and it wasn’t going to end there…

tried our best to sleep during the flight, but in fits and naps and drools and lights later, we arrived, sun rising in the horizon, confined and dined and now awaiting the day.

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