>[all up in frames…]

in [oh-so-deserved!] post-final-project relief, i spent today:

[1] sleeping,

[2] munching on emma’s pizza and playing plug-n-play pac-man at the house_n holiday party, and

[3] melting in a giddy puddle browsing boutiques on charles street + slatkin black fig & absinthe olfactory ectasy + quick and mighty peek into louis boston + frame finding at eye-q in south end + devouring design mags at trident cafe.

which, of course, = complete happiness. i love the beautiful bits of boston!

so, dilemma of the moment: choosing new frames. i’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and invest in a new pair of glasses… not like anything’s really wrong with my current ones, other than the fact but they’re [in the words of an innocent bystander] fugly. naturally, this dire situation must be remedied! i’ve been wanting to bust out of my nerdy nearsightedness [-6.00!] and converge to a state of myopic marvelousness. here are the finalists.

please vote for your favorite! thanks, yay.

lava 1161 in 3632

lava 1161 in custom orange

flirt whisper in chocolate

prodesign essential in 1605

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