>i cannot express how much wonder i find in the way people are linked. play telephone, with concentric circles, and watch the radii spout across the domain. this is how l.g. and s.s. and i tied together, laces binding dance shoes and sparkling nights, tangled in mathematical hair and next steps.

thursday evening, after a quickie run to target (scratch + sniff illustrating its effectiveness; vanilla-mint!], went to watch the incredibles for $3 at boston common, and beelined to avalon for thurs hiphop night. the triumvrate of daring darlings, running into the wakes of r.d.g. and a.h. [let’s just leave it at that]. we were univited to the canadian party, but partook in sugared strawberries and elevated booty shaking. the best, and soon to be worst, part of the night was discovering the boudoir. made it home safely, basking in the aftereffects of eyecandy and chilly breezes.


friday: lunch at middlesex with n.k., snow snow snow slush wet snow, ti meeting, pearlpaint pokings, drooling over ubersleek design-porn magazines, late-night duet readings, pat on the cat, sleep.

saturday: sewed up coat, woolcott adventure, yarning and spinning and knitting, a drive to chestnut hill, icy sidewalks and warm hidetalks, snug proceedings, salty pods and wasabi suicide, point at infinity, musicmusicmusicmakesmemelt, assembling the army, gatsby and daisy make a dashing appearance, stirred drinks and shaken polaroids, costumes creativity galore, fabric-absorbing touch, stockinged-feet sashay, boston before the dawn. come in, where it’s warm. dragonflies aflutter.

it eluded us then, but that’s no matter… tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther… and then one fine morning… Posted by Hello

the B52 and philadelphia, dressed to impress. Posted by Hello

. . . . .

putting all the vegetables away

that you bought at the grocery store today

and it goes fast

you think of the past

suddenly everything has changed

so much inside. joy, folly, resentment, intrigue, regret, nostalgia, pride, adventure, idealism, pity; madnoiseofitall. normalize to a simmering numbness. spoon stirs the soup, as the diner starves softly…

not that the waters havent been roiled before. but now, perhaps the ocean is raining down, tadpoles bloodied on the pavement. i’m sorry, so sorry. i wish it were otherwise… wishing refuge for the green.

forgive me.

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