>a blurring of time, shifts of violet and grey filter through conscious hours. sky heavy, rolling about on lazy susan, unable to decide whether to sleep on its back or its stomach. shiver unaware, seeking warmth underneath the surface.

this afternoon, while puttering about a.z.’s sociable media group, i witnessed the latest and greatest in sanrio merchandise: hello kitty pineapple cakes! well, actually, they were like the same bits of pineapply goodness that are found in traditional mini-poundcake-esque treats that you typically find at the chinese grocery in the crinkly plastic packaging [pictured at right], but housed in a more spongecake texture molded perfectly to hello kitty specification. for a feline whose mouthless countenance emblazons everything from electronics to housewares to her own etch-a-sketch, having her own edibles line isnt too farfetched. however, there was something sort of surreal about the whole mini-cake thing, from the SANRIO and year stamped into her sweet crumby back to the way there were three hello kitties in cloned formation within the thin plastic encasing. this eponymous symbol of japanese cute culture was being reduced to mere peepdom. anyway, i polished one off, and she was pretty tasty. however, the other two kitties that remained to be eaten looked on, adorably.

interesting slate article today about how it seems modern american literature is lacking in the olfactory dimension. people are not writing in high dimensions on the smelling sense, from memories tied to certain odors [shout-out to proust’s madeleine!] to descriptors and imagery based on what the nose knows. i like that little bit they excerpted about the aerobics women. and how they lay slithering.

anyway, to abstractly segue, i suppose the last 24 hours could be metaphorically linked to a combination of sinfully buttery layers of skin, liquid stains of freedom and bite-sized FD&C yellow no.5 victory, wrapped steamed savories of childhood kitchenry, and the amalgamation of burnt red caramelized plastic and bleached apple antiquity.

sneak preview of primer tonight at LSC. gotta run to snag free tickets. [the trailer tantalizes.]

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