>i’ve just realized, with sad heart, that i havent been taking nearly as many photographs as i had in the past. destiny of inspiration roams. perhaps the delight of the digital image has become mere patina as i now reassure myself of the world through memory and visual perception alone. however, i fear i’m being dismissive or even arrogant to things i see and soon forget, consuming all the pleasure in one quick, careless moment rather than capturing it for the time-laden perusal and reflection it deserves.

new vow [of many, trust me]: to take a weekly quota of 50 images a week. the minimum figure is only if i’m feeling uninspired. this roughly breaks down to seven photographs a day, but i’ll give or take on daily averages depending on the circumstances which befall. as an accountability device, i’ll post the favorites, the hated, and the undetermined. i predict many will fall into the last category.

i remember the ruthless discipline we had to overcome in photography class last year; four 36exp rolls a week, week after week. no thinking, just shoot. no dawdling, just explore. no procrastinating, just go. you’d end up finding the most curious square of shine in your roommate’s headboard to a sad, blurried piece of paper wet from the sea’s tide. i’m reminded by the orange loveliness of a bathroom i visited at mit. hours of enthrallment.

let me know [me at cmliu dot com] if you have any photograph requests. who knows, maybe it’ll be exactly what i need to be inspired. find it here, there, nowhere.

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