>totally exhausted. havent been sleeping terribly much in the last few days. i think i’m coming down with a sore throat or something. maybe i should sleep with a big bowl of warm water by my side, soothing with each long midnight breath.

[wed] walked down mass ave with three flavors of potato chips slowly buffeted into finely seasoned crisps in my bag. saw fritz lang’s metropolis at the harvard film archive with d.m. hankered for something hot and satisfying, so found myself slurping noodles at pho pasteur afterwards. inaugurated the food bible + journal + memoir. beautiful italian bindings to house even more beautiful contents. onto trivia nite at the forest cafe on mass ave. christened ‘ye old turkly’ team, joined by a.g. and s. from whrb. what were madonna’s first six studio albums? what is the animal whose name is dutch for ‘earth-pig’? what is the top-selling kind of apple sold? turkly proudly upheld a first-place holding until the last round. but of course fate took hold. [mike and ike, where was your blessing?] we’ll be back to defend next week, salted around the rim.

[thurs] underneath umbrella and waterskimming skirt, met up with m.w. and caught a glimpse of the presidential debates. [btw, my absentee ballot for maryland just came in the mail; it’s official!] intoxicated by the smell of brownies. fudgy chocolate, oozy vanilla, strawberry slices, spoon-fed. slouchcomp, ebay, and phish on the side; meanwhile, flava flav wore his clock. padded about the shiny wet sidewalks of central, rested our souls at the field while discussing the finer points of darts. meandered to the enormous room, where we absorbed hiphop night. a b-baller documentary danced on a wall projection while patrons lolled on soft couches and mixed within the brick-lined boudoir. was enjoying the company, when i saw her — candess. she looked so familiar; i must have last seen her about ten years ago from tj middle school. no way, was that her? [let me take a closer look.] the one and only. it was like living out garden state in a very strange coincidental way, facing the people of the past. not only that, she’s studying at harvard, and her uncle owns the enormous room + central kitchen complex. a twist of timing too strange and wonderful. our meetup made me insanely happy at the way the world just curls and kinks in the most peculiar ways. m.w. and i tried to stay as dry as we could for the remainder of the night; our attempts sufficed.

[fri] went with a.z. to grad night at club cafe in the south end. i willingly accompanied as resident fruit fly. lots of attractive unattainable guys, but the remixed and special edition music videos of madonna, j. lo, christina, and britney were actually quite entertaining [and educational, in some sense of the word]. bumped into some guys i recognized from my harvard days [insert nostalgia here], and watched a.z. enjoy himself while keeping his mint-condition white prada jacket flawlessly pristine. after a couple hours of mingling, walked back to copley while stopping at b.good on the way. spicy black beans + rice. took some fries for the road, ketchup packets in hand. by the time we got to the T stop, the white jacket was white no more, dressed with neat drippy ketchupy stains. i bet the salt and grease didnt help, either. :) managed to make it to ryles in inman square, where the ambassadors [media lab keyboardist!] were playing. slid by the cover charge with naivete and chatted a bit with the musicians while sipping a nicely crushed mojito. [i love green things.] went back to harvard square to a.z.’s apartment with promises of beans + cheese and juicy gossip. grooved to house and ingested a tasty crumpet + eggs concoction. heels are meant to be kicked off.

[sat, today] privileged to spend the evening with breath. we went to see the motorcycle diaries at the kendall theatre. the 8pm showing was sold out, so used the time to enjoy yummy pizza at emma’s: canadian bacon with caramelized onions and mozzarella. the hooray meal! next time, must try the olive tapenade. the fact that gael garcia bernal is a hot tamale nonwithstanding, the film was amazing. reminded me a lot of my summer travels around the world, from working with habitat for humanity in csurgo, hungary to seeing millions of shanghainese survive their days in the city. the energy, the people, the lives i’ve witnessed, shared. you do experience this mixed feeling while traveling, a melacholy for the places you have to leave behind, but an excitement for the things ahead of you. now i want to read more about che guevara and the steps he took further to get from medical school to cuba. from the film’s point of view, che seems like a very charismatic, thoughtful, compassionate man. controversial character, that i know; which makes it even more compelling that i read up on it.

want to embellish about the past week but gotta stop the entry. tired all over. although glad to write; blog envy struck today as i browsed through my friend tony’s site. so beautiful, so elaborate, so… daily.

goodnight, dear readers. until the moon rises again.

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