>mmm, perhaps i should come into my office (NE18-4F!) at 9 instead of 10 in the mornings. i usually put on streaming WERS while i’m here (the emerson station, easily my favorite thing on the radio in boston), grooving to jazz oasis, with billie, louis, and diana lulling me into a soulful mood. but right now, at the tail end of the coffeehouse set, i’ve heard the most bizarre, yet amazing tracks. can you imagine dolly parton singing a cover of “shine”? i couldn’t place it at first although it was definitely familiar. whooa o ooa o o, heaven let your light shine down, a one-hit wonder originally belted out by rockers collective soul. and now, i was just blown away by a cover of bjork’s all is full of love (just listening to it makes me melt; i have the cd with the plaid remix and the seductive metasexobot video) by an indie rock band, death cab for cutie.

i am not the same person i was an hour ago.

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