>transpired, an interesting dream. perhaps it was provoked by the total physical and metaphorical absorption yesterday (crowded and sweaty orientation events, meandering and observing the eclectics of cambridge, yielding to comforting numb of the swimming pool).

i dreamt that i was in my room in sidpac, and i woke up to hear some noises. i got up, and saw that my roommate’s room was ajar, and there were people in the bathroom, all sort of busying and giggling. karen’s not supposed to be back until next week, i thought. then once they realized they were spotted, the friends all hastily hid their business and karen popped out. we wanted to surprise you; we’ve been planning your arrival ceremonies. apparently this was a sort of festive welcome ritual of sorts, something fun and extravagant. puzzled but pleasantly surprised, i walked back to my bedroom, and everything was rearranged for some sort of exhibition. there were props around, my bedsheets were changed, and all my belongings were packed and shifted around. the people skittered about, trying not to let me see what they were doing. don’t worry, i cant see anything without my glasses anyway. then i freaked out, you guys are moving everything around. where are my glasses? scattered on tables were all sorts of accessories, other people’s glasses and jewelry and knickknacks… it took me and many friends a while to seek my own out. i crawled back into bed, and then i felt myself being lifted (hydraulically?) up, while liquid cheese dripped from the ceiling. then a scavenger hunt of sorts began as i picked up some scribbled clues, leading on to more complex notes, colored graphic novels transcribed on thin tissue paper. i couldn’t believe all of this had been done on my behalf. i loved the welcome, total turnaround confusion with all its messy intricacies, an initiation to remember.

then, i woke up.

my room was getting light, approaching 8 am. i stumbled to my feet, and looked on my nightstand for the reliable spot.

my glasses had disappeared.

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