>gold sparkles, foamed milk, and suede.

so much at stake. it’s amazing what lengths you’ll go to…

i’m sooo proud of my work done in VES40a, chris killip’s class, an introduction to black and white photography. our final projects are currently being exhibited in the basement of the carpenter center; it’s terribly exciting to see your work pinned to the wall, staring onlookers in the face, with the artist’s name printed underneath. all the sweat and tears and dry hands and smelling like fix in the darkroom has equated themselves with perfect, matte, beautiful prints. all the madness suddenly and miraculously seems to have been worth it all.

i’m in the middle of scanning all my prints from the semester… take a look at what’s up so far! all the photographs are taken with 35mm pentax z1000, ilford 400 iso b/w film, and printed on RC 8″x10″. refresh with abandon…

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