>my last night in boston! well, for a little bit. here we come, china… :) quelle excitation, n’est-ce pas?

tonight, after calling up virtually everybody i knew for a dinner companion, i found myself faced with endless voice mails, beeps, rings, messages, apologies, absences, and emptiness. i ended up going all the way to coolidge corner just to get a burrito from anna’s taqueria, all by my sweet self. such a cute area. i never met a jewish deli that i didnt like. ;) anyway, as for anna’s, i cant believe i had such a tasty meal for $3. amazing.

oreo mint soft yogurt? yes.

on the way home i bumped into justin-on-bike, one of my ta’s from mas.110. seriously, boston is such a small city. i see the same people over and over again, on the streets, in the T, around various squares, at parties. it’s this humongous network that sprawls over the entire city and beyond, and we all belong! isn’t that heartening to know? or frightening?

i’ve started to find myself distancing myself from the rest of the world. (well, basically, save for a select few.) perhaps i have unreasonably high standards (or better yet, the goods to spawn a ripe hypocrite), but people, no matter how innocuous they seem at first, always manage to disappoint me. do i expect too much, or is it just a coincidence that all these people around me are mindless, selfish, and destructive?

somehow i fear to know the answer.

have a great july, everyone. since i’ll be missing out, happy birthday to celia, carlos, and jack. have a great concert, brahms soc! keep hydrated with a thirst for knowledge… i’ll return with much aplomb in three weeks. zai jian!

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